About me

This blog addresses natural-resource issues, which I tend to follow from Sacramento outward. I live in the capital and lurk at legislative hearings, listening for the interesting details that often pop out as legislators posture in public forums.

I currently work for Capital Press, a website and weekly newspaper covering agriculture-related issues in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. The job has brought a number of captivating stories my way, including federal litigation surrounding biotech sugar beets, a case setting big precedents; California’s long examination and controversial approval of methyl iodide as a commercial fumigant; the process of planning the future of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta; and the cooperative dynamic emerging between ranchers and conservationists, bitter enemies until only recently.

My past work has spanned a wide spectrum, in part encompassing such subjects as gradeschool education, public health, wildlife conservation and drug addiction.

I’m also branching into the rewarding endeavor of communication for nonprofits. So far that includes social-media marketing and grant writing for the Placer Nature Center, an organization in Auburn, Calif., that teaches kids and their parents about the outdoors. It’s a spirited organization that has hit hard times like everyone else. But the Nature Center keeps doing good work, and they’ll emerge strong.

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